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The AdvicePay demo server is an exact replica of what is currently live in our production environment. Use the demo server to test API integrations and UI functionality.

Creating Your Account

Follow these steps to set up your test account on AdvicePay's demo server. Note that you can change the type of account (Essential, Professional, or Enterprise) throughout the signup process, and doing so will not change the steps outlined below!

Let's get started now!

  • Select the plan you want to use, enter your email address, and click Get Started.

  • You'll receive an email from info@advicepay.com (subject: Welcome to AdvicePay). Click the verification link and create your password.

Setup your company

  • Select either Individual or Legal Entity. If you select Legal Entity, use 00-0000000 for the EIN field! The address listed does not need to be your own, but it does need to be "real" in order to pass Stripe's test verification.

Account Information

  • Fill in the Account Information:
    • Social Security number: Use 000-00-00000
    • Phone number: This can be any number except 555-555-5555
    • Street address: Use any real address. Again, it must be a real address in order to pass Stripe's test verification.
    • Website URL: You can enter any real website address, or choose Enter a company description instead to add any freeform text. 

Your banking details

  • To add test banking information, use one of the following options:
    • Click Connect in the "Connect with plaid" section. Select Chase and enter this info for your credentials:

      Username: user_good
      Password: pass_good

      Then select the checking account, and click Submit to continue.

    • Click Manually enter details:

      Routing number: 110000000 (7 zeroes)
      Account number: 000123456789

      The select  Done, and click Submit to continue.

AdvicePay billing

  • Use the same instructions as above

You'll now be taken to the AdvicePay dashboard in your demo account! 

Additional Stripe Verification

You may be prompted at anytime via the AdvicePay dashboard to submit additional information for Stripe's test verification process. 

  • Click Got it, take me to Stripe
  • Select Use test document and then done

Accessing the Demo Server

To access the demo server going forward, visit https://demo.advicepay.com

Getting Started with Test Data

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Paying Test Invoices

To pay invoices in the demo environment, use the following bank credentials:

  • ACH
    • Plaid Integration:
      • Choose Chase
        Username: user_good
        Password: pass_good
        Select the checking account with $100 balance
    • Manually Enter:
      • Routing Number: 110000000 (7 zeroes)
        Account Number: 000123456789
  • Credit/Debit Cards

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