[Account Owner] How to Invite Advisors

1. Go to  Advisors > Invite New Advisor 

2. Enter in the advisor's  First NameLast NameEmail Address, Company/DBA Name, Advisor Permission, and (optionally) assign an internal Advisor ID or Tags

Advisor Permissions options include  Managing Advisor, Standard Advisor, Read-only Advisor, or No-login Advisor

Choose  Managing if you want the advisor to have their own account login, see office data (including other advisors and their clients), manage billing for their own and/or other advisors' clients, and/or have the ability to be assigned as an Office Manager. They will not be able to see or control the firm's settings, and cannot see or control an office's settings unless they are designated as its Office Manager. 

Choose  Standard if you want the advisor to have their own account login and be able to bill + manage invoices for their clients only. They will not be able to see or manage any settings for the firm or an office. 

Choose Read-only if you want the advisor to have their own account login but NOT be able to bill or manage their clients.

Choose  No-login if you don't want the advisor to have any access to AdvicePay. You'll be able to bill and manage their clients for them.

4. Click Add Advisor

📮 Tip: When choosing a Managing, Standard, or Read-only account, the advisor will immediately receive an invitation email from us allowing them to set their own password and login. When choosing a No-login Account, the advisor will not receive an email from us, as they won't have an AdvicePay account.

Need to resend an Advisor invitation link?

Absolutely! Navigate to the  Advisor tab in the left main menu and click the Advisor's name to access their profile page. 

If the Advisor has not created an account just yet, an invitation URL will be available for you to copy and paste in a separate personal email to the Advisor so they can register.

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