[Account Owner] Bulk Importing Advisors

Please note: Only the Account Owner and their firm Admins can add advisors.

Does your firm have a long list of advisors that you need to get set up on AdvicePay? Instead of entering them individually, use our bulk importing tool to create them quickly! 

1. Begin by visiting Advisors in your sidebar. Click the Import button at the top-right of the screen:

2. Download our ready-to-use advisor import CSV template by clicking on the blue link. This template contains the exact fields we need to be able to import advisors in AdvicePay, so you don't need to change or adjust a thing!

3. Enter your advisors' First Name, Last Name, Email, and Permission level (Managing Advisor, Standard Advisor, Read-only Advisor, or No-login Advisor) 

Optional: You can also add an External ID, SSO ID, Disable Direct Login (use t, true, or 1 -- an SSO ID must be present for this to work), and/or Offices Name. 

If an Office is not entered or it does not match an Office name that exists in your account, the advisor(s) will be imported to the firm's default office.

4. Save your finished file in .CSV format.

5. Drag and drop (or click) to upload the file to AdvicePay. When successful you'll receive an on-screen confirmation, along with the number of advisor records we detected.

Uh oh! Did you receive a formatting error instead? Please double check that all of your required fields are filled out in the format as described in the screenshot and instructions above. 😀

6. Click Review & Import

7. On the Review screen you can verify that your import looks accurate before adding advisors to your account. 

If you decide you don't want a particular advisor imported, uncheck the box to the left of their name:

8. Finally, click Import Selected to complete your bulk advisor import:

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