[Account Owner] How to Disable Advisor Account Emails

By default, advisors added to AdvicePay will receive pertinent email notifications around their account -- including when they're added or deleted.

If your advisors will be logging in to AdvicePay via single-sign-on (SSO) and don't need an invitation email or know when actions are being done to their account, you can disable all emails! Here's how:

1. Head to Firm Settings and select the Emails & Notifications tab:

2. Toggle on the Disable notifications to advisors when their accounts are created, changed, or deleted setting:

Disabling account emails will prevent advisors from receiving:

  • Signup/welcome email (which enables them to set a password with AdvicePay)
  • Existing login added email 
  • Account deleted email (sent when you delete an advisor from your firm account)
  • Any other account updated emails

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