[Account Owner] Deleting a Client

Please note that if your firm has disabled advisor ability to create or delete clients, only the Account Owner and their Firm Admins can delete a client.

When deleting a client it will remove the client's account from our system, so they will no longer be able to log in. If the client has any unpaid invoices or active subscriptions, we'll prompt you to cancel them before the client is deleted.

You will still be able to view a deleted client's payment history history under  Invoices, documents under Documents, and any payout information on your Transfers page. 

Here's how to delete a client:

1. Go to  Clients > View Client for the specific client you want to remove

2. Click  Edit Profile

3. Click the  Delete Client button 

4. If they have any ongoing subscriptions or open invoices, you'll be prompted to cancel them before continuing! (You'll find these displayed on the client's page -- any invoices with the red 'Cancel' button visible are those that need canceled.) Once you remove them, you can click Delete Client again. 

5. Confirm that you (really) want to delete the client

Note: we don't send out notifications to clients or their assigned advisors if a client account is deleted. If the client tries to login, they will receive a "Your account has been deactivated" message.

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