[Account Owner] Invoice Approvals

Account Owners and their Admin users are able to review and approve or reject invoices if invoice approvals are required by your firm or a specific Engagement used requires approvals. 

Click here to review information on managing approval email notifications!

To review any pending payments, click  Approvals in your sidebar:

All relevant subscription, invoice, and fee escalations will appear here before being published to the client's account.

If an advisor has requested a subscription + upfront invoice together, the invoices will appear as a single line item and will be approved/rejected as one. For these invoices, the top amount is the subscription fee and the bottom amount is the one-time fee:

Approve or reject payments quickly by clicking its drop down menu under the Actions column and selecting Approve or Decline. Or, to view more details first, select View Details.

When selecting View Details, you'll see a modal window with the Amount, Client, Advisor, the invoice's Created On date, Due Date, and the Description. You can approve or decline the payment from here as well!

If the payment has a Fee Calculation or eSign Document included, please note that you'll see extra tabs at the top of the modal window -- you can click into these to see more information:

What happens when I approve an invoice?

While the invoice is awaiting approval, it reflects the Pending Approval status and is not visible to the client. 

When approved:

  • the advisor will be notified of the approval via email
  • the invoice will update to the normal Inactive/Unpaid status
  • the invoice will no longer be editable
  • the invoice will appear in the client's account for payment

If the original request for payment included the option to email the client, upon approval the invoice notice will also be sent to the client. If the email option was not part of the request, the client will not be notified.

What happens when I reject an invoice?

When rejecting an invoice, you are able to provide an optional rejection reason for the advisor. After submitting the rejection:

  • the advisor will receive an email letting them know that approval of the invoice was denied -- as well as the reason why (if provided)
  • the invoice will reflect the Approval Rejected status 

After an invoice rejection, the advisor will continue to have the ability to edit the invoice. If upon edit your approval is no longer needed on the invoice (e.g. the amount is adjusted to less than/equal to the specified approval threshold), it can be sent directly to the client. 

If your approval is still needed, it will be sent back to you for review. You will not receive an immediate email regarding the need for re-approval, but you will receive a daily summary via email every morning at 5 a.m. MST notifying you of pending invoices that require review. You can also view pending invoices under  Approvals in your account.

Alternatively, the advisor can also delete/cancel the invoice.

All Rejected and Approved invoices will be archived for your review under the Archive tab!

📍 More Resources:  A guide for advisors on the invoice approval process

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