[Account Owner] How to Submit & Approve Deliverables

Our easy-to-use Deliverables feature helps firms avoid the risk of regulatory fines and provides validation to regulators that the plan was delivered to your client for the fees that were charged. Let's get started on how to submit and approve Deliverable evidence.

Important: To allow/prevent Advisor Admin(s) from submitting Deliverables for their Advisor(s), there is now a Firm setting, located under Deliverables. On (green) will allow Advisor Admins to submit Deliverables.

When this setting is toggled off, Advisor Admins will only be able to prepare the submission of the Deliverable.

How to Submit Evidence

There are times when the Account Owner or their Home Office Admins, or Reviewer will need to submit Deliverable evidence on behalf of an Advisor. 

To begin, find the Deliverable requiring evidence submission under Deliverables in your left-hand sidebar! You can submit evidence for Deliverables with the status of Open, Past Due, or Approval Rejected.

1. To submit the Deliverable for your Advisor, we have a few options available below:

a.  You can click the drop-down menu on each individual Deliverable and select Submit deliverable. This is a great option if you need to only submit one Deliverable.

b. If you need to submit multiple deliverables, then you can use the Deliverable table view to select more than one and choose Bulk Submit Selected under the Actions dropdown. You can also choose Bulk Submit All to select all Open, Past Due, and Approval Rejected Deliverables available (without needing to individual choose them). When more than one Deliverable is selected at a time, they will display on one page in individual cards, so keep scrolling to see them all! ๐Ÿ’ฅ

Please note that the Client ID displayed in the upper right-hand corner is an AdvicePay generated Client ID for your firm. This is different from the Client ID found in each client's profile.

2. You can also enter a Deliverable Description if you'd like, but this is optional. 

3. Depending on the deliverable requirements (there can be more than one), you will either select a Reviewer from the drop-down menu or the Account Owner will be auto-assigned:

When a Reviewer is selected, depending on the Home Office, they may be required to add an attestation that they did review the Deliverables. This is located as a toggle on the Deliverable template setting at the bottom:

When you turn on Require Approval, a modal to also require a reviewer attestation will now show:

Important: Depending on the setting that the Account Owner ("Home Office") has enabled for each Deliverable, you might be able to choose your own Reviewer when submitting the Deliverable. The reviewer will need to select Review to be able to approve or reject the deliverable and may need to attest thereafter.

If your firm does require approvals for Deliverables, but they do not allow Advisors to choose their own Reviewer, the approval requirement will default to the Home Office (ability to change reviewer is unavailable and therefore greyed out) and you will need to Approve Deliverable Evidence.

4.  Depending on the deliverable requirements, you may be asked to provide a File (.pdf, .docx, .png, or .jpeg), NotesWord Document (.docx), URLAdvisor attestation, and/or eSign Document.

If multiple options are available (unless there are types required), you can select which type you wish to provide or just choose one. (An eSign Document is always required) Note: You can add up to five (5) files/images by continuing to use the drag-and-drop uploader!

If uploading a document or image, please note that the file size per individual file is limited to 10 MB. A maximum of 5 files can be added for each Deliverable and each file name needs to be unique. If the name matches a previously uploaded file, it will result in a Duplicate Error appearing.

When an eSign Document is required as an evidence type, the pre-determined eSign document selected by your Enterprise home office will be created. After you select "Send the Document" and the Reviewer (if required), click Finish   

From here you will confirm the signer details:

Click Send Document to email the document out for signature. 

5. If you have used our Deliverable table view to select Deliverables to be submitted by either Bulk Submit Selected or Bulk Submit, please complete Steps 2 through 4 for each Deliverable to ensure all information is entered for each Deliverable.

Note: At any time during the Deliverable completion process you'd like to save the information you've added, just click the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner and choose Save. This will save any information entered in each of your Deliverables (if more than one was selected) to be able to return to complete them at any time.

6. Once you are ready, click  Finish in the upper right-hand corner to complete the Deliverable(s).

Your deliverables (s) are now submitted! ๐Ÿ™Œ If your Deliverable does not require a Reviewer (and once all parties have signed the eSign document -- if required), it will be marked as Completed. If a Review is required, the Deliverable will show as Pending Review until the Reviewer either approves or rejects it.

Note: Only the selected Reviewer, Account Owners, and their Home Office Admins can approve Deliverables requiring a review process.

If the Deliverable is "Rejected," Advisors and the Home Office will have the opportunity to re-submit the Deliverable evidence. Next to the "Rejected" Deliverable, click the drop-down menu and select  Submit Deliverable. Then, follow Steps 2-6 above! ๐Ÿ‘Œ

How to Approve Deliverable Evidence

Account Owners + their Home Office Admin users and assigned Reviewers ( if able to be selected) can review and Approve or Reject invoices, if deliverable approvals are required by your firm or a specific Engagement used requires approvals. 

Invoice approvals allow you to oversee payment requests that Managing and Standard advisors create for clients. Any invoices that meet the conditions you set will require you or your adminโ€™s approval before being sent to the client.

Click here to review information on managing approval email notifications!

To review any pending Deliverables, click  Approvals in your left sidebar ( deliverables, invoices or subscriptions can be under approvals):

Tip: Anything that needs approval will be in the Pending tab at the top. Anything other than pending items will be under the Archive tab at the top!

Reviewers will need to select Review first before being able to approve or reject deliverables and may need to attest.

All relevant subscriptions, invoices, fee escalations, and deliverables will appear here.

Approve or reject a Deliverable quickly by clicking its drop-down menu under the Actions column and selecting Approve, Reject, Review, or Go to Deliverable.

For Reviewers, you might see fewer options such as Review or Go to Delvierable. Clicking Review will show the options to Approve or Reject:

When selecting Approve (Review for Reviewers), you'll see a modal window below:

If you select Go to Deliverable, it will redirect you to the deliverable similar to the below:

What happens when I approve a Deliverable?

While the Deliverable is awaiting approval, it reflects the Pending Review status at the Home Office level as well as in the Advisor's portal.

When approved by the Home Office:

  • The Advisor will be notified of the approval via email
  • The Deliverable will update to Complete and moves from Pending to Archive for the Home Office

When rejecting a Deliverable, you can provide an optional message about why it was rejected in the pop-up message box.

  • The Advisor will receive an email letting them know that the Deliverable was denied -- as well as the reason why (if provided)
  • The Deliverable will reflect the Approval Rejected status 

  • The Advisor can then click the drop-down next to the "Rejected" Deliverable to re-send and submit the correct Deliverable evidence 

Searching, Filtering, and Exporting Deliverables

On the Deliverables page, you can view all deliverables that have been created for your firm. We'll display the Status (Open, Past Due, or Complete), Due Date, Client, and Deliverable Type.

You can use the Search area to search your created Deliverables by any of the information displayed (e.g. status, client name, etc.) -- or you can use the Filters button for more advanced sorting!

Filter options include:

  • Status
    • Open (Any deliverable that has not been saved or submitted with a due date in the future)
    • In Progress (Any deliverable where progress has been saved by a user)
    • Pending Submission (Any deliverable an advisor admin has prepared submission for. Advisor can see a list of deliverables they can review/edit and submit)
    • Pending Review (Any deliverable that has been submitted for reviewer approval)
    • Pending Signatures (Signatures are still needed for eSign Document)
    • Approval Rejected (Any deliverable that has been rejected by a reviewer)
    • Complete (Any deliverable that has been submitted and approved by the reviewer)
  • Due Date (timeframe)
  • Submit Date (timeframe)
  • Client

To export a Deliverable report to an Excel file, select  Actions > Export to .XLSX:

Items on the report include:

  • Status (upcoming, open, pending_signatures, past_due, complete)
  • Client Name
  • Advisor Name
  • Deliverable Type
  • Due Date (blank if status = upcoming)
  • Submitted Date (blank if not submitted or status = upcoming)
  • AdvicePay Engagement ID
  • External Engagement ID (If applicable)
  • Engagement Name

Exporting Approvals

Need to see all your approvals, no problem! This can be performed right inside of the Approvals Table but clicking on the top right button:

The report will automatically download to your device and will show the following columns in the report for all Approval types:

The Approvals Export includes:

  • Approval Type (Invoice, Subscription, Deliverable)
  • Status (Approved, Rejected)
  • Advisor Name
  • Advisor Email
  • Client Name
  • Reviewed by Name
  • Reviewed by Email
  • Reviewed Date

Emails Received when Deliverables are Submitted for the Home Office and Advisors

Email the Home Office will Receive when a Deliverable is Submitted:

Email Advisors will Receive

Here are a few emails when a Deliverable, Invoice, and Subscription have been approved that Advisors will receive:

This is the email for the approved Deliverable:

This is the email for an approved invoice :

This is the email for an approved subscription :

If any of the above have been rejected instead of approved it will state that in the email header and body.

All Rejected and Approved (Complete) invoices, subscriptions, and deliverables will be archived for your review under the Archive tab!

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