[Account Owner] Understanding your Checks Page

The Checks page is viewable by Account Owners and their Admin/Analyst users who have enabled our Online/Mobile Check Deposit integration. If your firm is interested in learning more about Online/Mobile Check Deposit, please reach out to your Relationship Manager at enterprise@advicepay.com. 🙂

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Your Transfers > Checks page on AdvicePay is one of our favorite pages -- that's because it keeps you in the loop on check deposit payments and when you're getting money deposited into your bank account! 💵

You’ll find 2 distinct categories in your Transfers page:

  • Upcoming Payouts
  • Completed Payouts

👉 Export your data! 

On this page you can also download a detailed Excel report of your completed payouts and the individual transactions that make up each payout by clicking Export at the top right of your screen. 

With this report you can see additional data like check number, assigned advisor, client name, and deposit (transmit) date. Read more here!

Upcoming Payouts

Once a check has been deposited, started processing, and payout information is received from our the banking institution, it will display under Upcoming Payouts

Details provided include the  Status (i.e. Pending, In Transit or Returned), Estimated Arrival Date, Client Name, Invoice(s) included in payout and Amount. To view the invoice(s) that were included in the check payment, just click the blue invoice number.

Once a check is captured and deposited, it takes around 4 business days to receive a payout. 

Why are some checks displaying as "In Transit" when they've already been deposited into the firm's bank account?

Since every bank's processing time is a bit different and we're unable to determine the exact date of a deposit, the system is designed to allow time for the bank to accept or reject a check. Therefore, we won't mark a check as officially Paid until the 7 day mark!

📍 Read more on payment processing times for Checks

Completed Payouts

When a payout has been deposited into your bank account, it will show up under the Completed Payouts section. 

Details provided include the Status, Arrival Date, Client Name, Invoice(s) included in payout and Amount. To view the invoice(s) that were included in the check payment, just click the blue invoice number.

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