[Account Owner] How to Send Email Reminders

Whether your client forgot about your initial invoice, you chose not to send any emails when you first issued their payment request, or you'd like to remind your client about their fee increase -- it's a cinch to send a reminder email!

Sending a reminder for an unpaid invoice or inactive subscription

Simply go to Invoices or Subscriptions in your sidebar, click the drop down menu for the relevant payment request, and select Send Reminder . You will have the option to send a custom message in the reminder email to your client if you'd like! πŸŽ‰

Tip: Unregistered clients will be able to get set up right through this email as well, so you don't need to worry about sending them their separate invitation link. πŸ˜€

Sending a reminder for a fee escalation

Navigate to Subscriptions in your sidebar, click the drop down menu for the relevant payment request, and select View Subscription.

Once in the subscription details, if a fee increase is pending, a yellow banner will appear at the top. Here you will have the option to either Send reminder to client or Cancel pending changes.

Choose Send reminder to client if you'd like an email to be sent via AdvicePay to your client reminding them of the fee increase and the action that is required to approve these changes.

❓Want to gain more information on what emails a client has already received or verify if they've viewed the invoice before you go ahead and send a reminder? We recommend checking your Email Log and Audit Log!

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