[Account Owner] How to Manage Emails Your Clients Receive

Only Advisors can access and manage their assigned clients' notification emails. Admin and Analyst users do not have email management permissions under Account Settings.

Managing Client Notifications

Customize the emails clients receive by changing the interval settings, adding your own message, or turning off select notifications! 

👉Did you know? Most system emails sent to clients (except for certain things like Reset Password emails) have the advisor's account email listed as the Reply To address.

To get started, visit  Account Settings > Emails & Notifications:

Change the Interval Settings on Reminder Emails

To change when your clients receive their fee change due soon, upcoming, or overdue invoice reminders, click the gear icon to access the settings:

In the settings window, click the menu selection to change when the reminder email is sent out. When done, click Save

The Fee Change Due Soon Reminder can be sent out 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days before the next bill due date. Default is 3 days.

The Upcoming Invoice Reminder can be sent out 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days before the invoice due date. Default is 3 days.

The Overdue Invoice Reminder can be sent out 1 day or 3 days after the invoice due date. Default is 1 day.

  • You can also set subsequent overdue reminders to continue to go out at any interval between 1 and 31 days until paid. (By default no additional reminders are sent.) Please note that turning on subsequent reminders will initiate reminder emails to your clients with existing past due invoices! 

Note: We don't like unnecessary inbox clutter either! To help with this, a reminder email will not be sent for an invoice IF it is requested within the reminder's interval setting. (So, if you create an invoice 2 days before its due date, and your overdue invoice email interval is set to 3 days after the due date, that overdue reminder will not go out to the client.)

👉 Want to manually resend an invoice as a reminder? Here's how! You can also check to see what reminders clients have already received by visiting the Email Log

Firm advisors can specify their own frequencies for their clients' fee change, overdue, and upcoming reminders.

Add Custom Messaging 

If you prefer to add your own language or directions to emails your clients receive, click the gear icon to access the settings:

In the settings window for any email type, add text that you'd like included within that email:

Click Save.

If you have disabled custom messages for advisors but you have set a custom message, that message will be used for your advisors' clients.

There are no character limits on custom messages!

Custom messages can also be included in a client email when you A) request a payment, or B) issue a refund. You will have the opportunity to write a personal message to that specific client when performing either of these actions.

Turn Emails On or Off

By default clients receive a reminder email on unpaid invoices both before and after the due date. Disable one or both of the reminders by toggling the button to off.

Toggle left (greyed out) is off. Toggle right (green) is on.

Client Paid Initial Invoice and Recurring Payment Receipt emails cannot be turned off by the advisor. By default new advisor and client accounts will have the Recurring Debit Reminder set to offYour clients can choose whether they want to disable/enable select emails through their own client portal! 

Important Note: If a client logs in and enables or disables an email that you can also adjust on your end (like the Recurring Debit Reminder), we will always honor their settings over any changes you might make through your account later.

Firm advisors can turn invoice reminders on/off for their own clients.

Adding or Removing BCC Recipients

By default the Advisor's email address is blind carbon copied (BCC'd) on the client email notifications listed, as well as contract emails sent out for eSignature -- for clients specifically assigned to them. To add additional recipients (such as an assistant or Admin user), enter the email under BCC Recipients and click Add:

To remove yourself or any other recipient you've added, click the X button next to the listing!

No-Login Advisor Email Notifications

No-Login Advisors don't receive any notifications via AdvicePay. 

All notifications for these advisors are determined by the Account Owner's email notification settings, and the Account Owner is the BCC recipient for client notifications when their assigned advisor has No-Login permissions.

  • If there is an Office Manager they will be emailed for No-Login advisors
  • The Account Owner is emailed for No-Login advisors if the advisor's office doesn't have an office manager assigned to it.

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