[Account Owner] AdvicePay Fees

Transaction Fees

Please contact support@advicepay.com or your dedicated Relationship Manager (if applicable) at enterprise@advicepay.com to confirm your current transaction costs.

Advisor Fees

The ability to add additional advisors is available on all Enterprise plans.

Adding an advisor may adjust your current plan pricing. (Except No Login advisors -- they're always free!) 

If you're on one of our standard plans and add or remove users during any month, we'll prorate your payments on your next invoice. 

Please visit Firm Settings > Billing to see current and upcoming charges. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at support@advicepay.com or your dedicated Relationship Manager at enterprise@advicepay.com for more information!

Failed ACH Payment

A payment that fails on ACH is assessed a $4 return fee.

This fee goes to Stripe, our underlying payment processor, and is part of their standard transaction settings; this means that we're unable to refund them on our end.

Dispute Fee

If a client disputes a payment there is a $15 dispute fee charged by their card issuer. If the dispute is made on a credit card and you win the dispute, the $15 fee is reimbursed. 

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