[Account Owner] How to Merge an Engagement & Manage Engagements via Bulk Uploads

Ever create a new engagement that wasn't actually needed? Us too and we've got you covered with this great feature to merge two engagements into one! 🏆

When you merge two engagements using this feature, please keep in mind that one will be moved into the other while the other will be deleted.

Important: Only the Home Office will be able to perform this function and see this button in their view. Once a merge is completed it cannot be reversed.

To merge two engagements head over to Engagements in the left side panel. Click on Merge Engagement button:

Next select the client in the pulldown client box. Once selected, the next box for the To Merge will populate. This is the engagement to choose that will be moved and later removed after the merge.

The next box will populate Merge Into. This is the engagement that will exist when the merge is complete.

All invoices, subscriptions, agreements, documents and deliverables will be merged into the new engagement with the exception that the primary agreement on the destination engagement becomes the primary agreement for everything merged into that engagement.


Regarding Document(s)/Agreement(s)

The best practice when merging engagements is to leave the one with the signed agreement. If there are two engagements being merged and both have an agreement, the remaining engagement’s agreement will become the primary agreement.

The primary agreement controls the requirement that an agreement must be signed before an invoice must be paid. If the primary agreement is deleted, this will remove the invoices as well.

Next click Merge and this pop up will appear as seen below:

Once you select Yes, merge it! The merge will take place and there will be a brief green pop up in the top right of the window showing The engagements have been successfully merged.

The merge is now complete and only one of the two will show in the clients profile!

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