[Account Owner] Using the API Endpoint: Admins


With the Admins Endpoint, you can create home-office and advisor users inside AdvicePay using our create an admin

The Admin object allows you to generate a report of AdvicePay admins, including when they were added (createdAt), when they were deleted (deletedAt), and their admin access type (roleTitle).

Benefits of Using the Admin Endpoint over manually adding Admins

  • Mitigate duplicate data entry
  • Ensure all AdvicePay users are accessing AdvicePay via SSO.


If using SSO, remove the ability for advisors to add their own admin.

By default, advisors have the ability to add their own admin users. If your firm is using SSO for security reasons, be sure to toggle off this option so admin users can only be added by home-office ( Firm Settings > Company > Admin Users)

Adding admins that support multiple advisors.

Adding Admins to Offices

If your firm is utilizing our Offices functionality, advisors can be grouped together. An admin could then be created via the API with the Office Manager's parentID. The admin would then have access to all of the advisors within the Office. 

Adding Admins to Individual Advisor Accounts

Admins users are allowed to be linked to multiple advisor accounts. Make a call for each advisor the admin supports. Each call will have the unique parentID for the appropriate advisor. If the email and login is a match for an existing admin, then the admin can switch between the different advisors they support in the UI.

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