[Account Owner] Using the API Endpoint: Advisors


With the Advisors Endpoint, when an advisor is created or updated in your internal system, you can make calls to the AdvicePay API to create or update the corresponding record in AdvicePay using our create an advisor, update an advisor, and delete an advisor objects.

The Advisor object allows you to generate a report of AdvicePay advisors, including when they were added (createdAt), when they were deleted (deletedAt), and if they successfully completed their account registration (verified). 

Benefits of Using the Advisors Endpoint over manually adding/removing advisors

  • Mitigate duplicate data entry
  • Ensure data is up-to-date and accurate between your internal system and AdvicePay
  • Easily view a report of when advisors were added and/or delete so you may bill them accordingly (if advisors are paying for their AdvicePay access)


Prepare for bulk importing pilot users inside of the AdvicePay UI

Many firms are ready to launch AdvicePay to their pilot users before the ability to add users via the API is available. In those cases, we recommend using our advisor bulk import feature to quickly add pilot users (you can download the CSV file here).

Generate a monthly report of advisors

If you are billing advisors for their AdvicePay access, we recommend using the Advisor object to generate a monthly report of advisors in your system. This eliminates the need to keep a manual record of when advisors are added and/or deleted and can make billing users more efficient. 

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