[Account Owner] How to Edit or Delete Templates plus Swap/Replace Underlying Documents (Dropbox Sign)

Important: Dropbox Sign no longer supports using Safari 11 or below and will no longer work in Internet Explorer 11. We suggest using Chrome or Firefox.

Editing and Deleting Templates

Any template you created can be edited by visiting  Templates in your sidebar. 

Click a template's drop down menu and select  Edit Properties to edit the template Name, Description, Permissions, or replace an underlying document. Templates cannot be edited to add or remove Roles.

Click a template's drop down menu and select  Edit Fields to edit the items you placed on the template itself (signature areas, custom or auto-filled text boxes, etc.) Field edits can take place when an associated document is out for signature, as it will not change any existing documents -- only those that you create after the edits! 

Click a template's drop down menu and select  Duplicate to duplicate a template. This will carry over the existing underlying documents you've uploaded, along with all of the fields!

To delete a template, click a template's drop down menu and select  Delete. Open documents associated with the template will remain as-is and can still be signed! 

👉 Swap/Replace Underlying Documents

Document files you've uploaded for your template can be easily swapped out and replaced with a new document file  as long as the number of pages are equal to or greater than the number of pages in the current document. The page orientation must match the orientation of the original document as well.

1. To begin, click a template's drop down menu and select  Edit Properties.

2. Under Files, click the  Replace Files link next to the documents you wish to replace:

3.  Drag and drop your new document file into the Files box, or click within the box to browse + select a file from your computer folders. 

If you'd like to add more documents to the template at this time, you can also do this by clicking  + Add Another File!

Tip: If there are multiple document files included in your template, you will need to re-upload all of the documents in the same order they were entered originally -- even if only one document needs to be replaced.

4. Once you're done, click  Save.

Your existing fields will remain as-is on the new document you've uploaded. By clicking  Edit Fields you can review and make any adjustments necessary!

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