[Read Only] How Clients Register their Account

Getting a client set up on AdvicePay is simple and fast! 

When a client is added to AdvicePay and an invoice sent, the client can easily go straight to setting up their account/making their payment right from the invoice notification email. In fact, your client doesn't even need to register an account -- they can just pay and get on with their day!

If your client needs or chooses to set up a password, they will be automatically directed to a "Set Password" page. On this page they can enter in any password they'd like to use to access AdvicePay. 

For security reasons it is required to be at least 8 characters long and include an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and symbol. It is worth noting that we do not accept the following symbols: ^+()#~=`

Once they've chosen their own password and accepted the Terms & Conditions, they can click " Register" and be taken directly into their account!

To log back in any time at  https://app.advicepay.com/, they will use the email address associated with their account as their username and the password that they set above. 

📍  Help - my client can't get logged back in! I think they forgot their password.

What Happens Next?

  • If a payment was already requested from them, they will see the unpaid invoice upon logging in and have the ability to immediately authorize payment. Here's how they do that!
  • If a payment wasn't yet requested and they logged in through a direct Invite link that was sent to them, they will see an "empty" dashboard.

Video Summary

We also have a great video that takes your clients from start to finish. Please feel free to give it a look and pass it along to your clients as well! You can view it here.

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