[Read Only] My client is "Unregistered" or has "Inactive" invoices -- what does this mean?

If your client hasn't set a password to create their account, AdvicePay will let you know by labeling their status as Unregistered. 

Clients don't need to register their account on AdvicePay to pay successfully, but they may want to do so to download PDF invoices, manage their payment methods, update their email addresses, and so on. 😀

Whether a client is Unregistered or Registered, you may also notice that any invoices you've created for them are displaying as "unpaid" (for one-time payments) or "inactive" (for subscription payments).

These statuses mean that your client has not yet completed the payment process so their invoice will bill their checking account or credit card.

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To help an Unregistered client get set up, here is one option:

1. Navigate to  Clients in your sidebar

2. Click on the client's name link or click the drop down menu and select  View Client

3. Under  Invitation Link click the "link" icon to copy and then personally email this link to your client so they can set up their account! Or, click the blue "paper airplane" icon next to it to send an email with their link through AdvicePay. 

Alternative method: Whether your client is Registered or Unregistered, you can also simply resend their invoice as a reminder.

If a client is still Unregistered, they'll be able to use this email to pay and or create an account on the links shown from the invoice sent to them via email. When clients create an account it will prompt them to create a password for access to their client payment portal.

Watch our quick video tutorial!

👉 If your client needs a little extra help on how to make a payment from start to finish, we're here to help! Here is a super simple payment guide for clients.

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