[Account Owner] Fee Override

If your firm charges an additional transaction percentage fee per dollar to your advisors on top of what we charge, take advantage of our Fee Override setting to see that amount broken out visually on the Transfers screen and Payout/Transaction export for your internal accounting. 

This breakout is visible at the Firm level only (Account Owner and their Admins/Analysts). Nothing is exposed to advisors or their admins!

Note: We don’t adjust any fees on our end, so entering a Fee Override percentage won't change actual money received. 😊

To set a Fee Override, go to Firm Settings > Company and enter the percentage of the advisor fees that are paid to you:

Once a client transaction is completed, you will see the Fee Override amount displayed on your Transfers screen:

You'll also see this broken out in your exportable Transaction Report:

Tip: Once set, the Fee Override breakout applies to transactions moving forward. Once a fee is calculated for a transaction it will stay the same even if you change the Fee Override percentage.

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