[Advisors] Invoices: An Overview

Invoices on AdvicePay are automatically generated when you create a payment request! You and your clients can view or save/print invoices from your account by clicking the invoice # link as shown here:

With AdvicePay invoices you’re able to:

View the invoice as 'Paid'

Once payment has been made, the invoice will update with a green 'Paid' sticker.

View the Paid Date

Invoices reflect the date the invoice was billed, the due date, and the paid date. If a payment is refunded, it will also include the refund date!

Add your company logo

Brand invoices with your company logo (permissions set by the Firm Manager account)

πŸ“  How to upload your logo

Add a custom disclosure

Add custom legal disclosure language to all invoices (permissions set by the Firm Manager account)

πŸ“  How to add a custom disclosure

Manually mark an invoice as 'Paid'

This is perfect if your client paid you another way, such as with a check!

πŸ“  How to mark an invoice as Paid

Sample Invoice

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