[Advisors] Account Invoice Settings: Logos, Payment Methods, Additional Info, Custom Disclosures, and List of Services

Account Invoice Setting permissions are controlled by the Enterprise firm's primaryaccount on AdvicePay (Home Office) and by Office Managers. Please note that this means one or all of the below features may not be available on your individual account!

In This Article:

Settings here are managed under your Account Settings, which is accessed via the upper right-hand menu in your account:

Account settings only pertain to your own AdvicePay advisor profile and your assigned clients. They do not impact settings for the entire firm! 

Customize the AdvicePay experience for your clients by replacing our logo with your own business logo! 

Your custom logo will replace:

  • The current logo in the upper left hand corner of AdvicePay for both you and your clients
  • The large "INVOICE - #" header on all client invoices (including those already issued)
  • The current logo in emails to clients 

To get started, head on over to Account Settings > Company tab:

1. Under Firm Logo, drag and drop your logo into the upload box, or click the box to bring up an upload window and select a file from your computer. 

Accepted File Types: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG   |  Size Limit: 1 MB

Need to make adjustments to your logo in order to upload it? You might try an online editor like Canva or Pixlr! To reduce your file size, you can use an image compression website like TinyJPG. 🙂

2. Use the Finalize Logo controls to crop and/or resize the logo if necessary by zooming in or out so that it fits within the rectangle selection box. Note that you can make the selection box larger or smaller as well! 

3. Click the "✓" button in your control area to save and return to your settings. To remove your logo at any time, just click the Delete link.

This area will not display if it has not been turned on at the firm or office level.

Payment Methods

Under Account Settings > Invoice, go to Payment Methods and select which payment method options you would like for your assigned clients to use when making payments.

Credit Card & ACH (default) -- Clients can make payments with credit/debit cards or ACH. They will see the ability to add both payment method types in their Billing settings, even if a specific invoice is limited to payment with ACH or Credit Card only.

Credit Card only -- Clients can make payments with credit/debit cards only. They will only see the ability to add credit/debit cards in their Billing settings.

ACH only -- Clients can make payments with checking accounts only. They will only see the ability to add checking account information in Billing settings.

When finished, click Save

For more detail and FAQ about this feature, please see this article!

Name on Invoice

Set a different name to appear on your assigned clients' invoices by going to Account Settings > Invoice > Name on Invoice.

By default we display the first and last name listed under Your Profile on client invoices. If you want to only display a business name, or you want to add middle names and/or certification designations, you can do that here!

When done, click Save.

Adding More Information to Invoices

Under Firm Settings > Invoice > Additional Information you can include other details to appear on all invoices for your assigned clients, such as a company address or phone number! (There is no character limit.)

When finished, click Save.

This area will not display if it has not been turned on at the firm or office level. When on, you can edit or replace anything the firm has previously set.

Adding a Custom Disclosure to an Invoice

Include your own legal disclosure when invoicing clients under the Invoice Disclosure section. This language will appear at the bottom of every invoice -- including those already issued!

To add custom disclosure language, go to  Account Settings > Invoice, enter your text in the Invoice Disclosure box, then click Save. (There is no character limit.)

This area will not display if it has not been turned on at the firm or office level.

List of Services

To enter your own personal service description for inclusion on invoices requested by you, go to Account Settings > Invoice, select New Service Description, enter a brief title and the description, then click Save:

Alternative Method

Personal descriptions can also be added, edited, or deleted when creating a client invoice! 

To add a description this way:

1. Go to Create New and type in your desired text/title under Description of Services.

2. Press enter/return to finish creating the new description. This will open up a modal window where you can further add to or edit the description as needed.

Optional: If you want to be sure to save the description to your list of services for future use, you'll want to toggle Save description for use later to on:

3. Click  Save.

To edit/delete descriptions while creating invoices, click the Description of Services drop down menu and hover over existing description titles to see the Edit and Delete options:

Tip: If your firm requires advisors to use specific service descriptions they have created, you may select from them when creating a payment request or possibly add, edit or delete a new description ( if the Home Office has allowed this ). 🙂

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