[Account Owner] Invoices: An Overview

Invoices on AdvicePay are automatically generated when you create a payment request! You and your clients can view or save/print invoices from your account by clicking the invoice # link as shown here:

With AdvicePay invoices you’re able to:

View the invoice as 'Paid'

Once payment has been made, the invoice will update with a green 'Paid' sticker.

View the Paid Date

Invoices reflect the date the invoice was billed, the due date, and the paid date. If you  refund a payment, it will also include the refund date!

Set the date range for services on subscription

Display whether your firm charges in advance for services or in arrears for services already completed.

πŸ“Managing settings for billing in advance or in arrears

Add your company logo

Brand invoices with your company logo, and choose whether to grant Full-Access advisor accounts uploading permissions. 

πŸ“  How to upload your logo and manage advisor logo permissions

Add a custom disclosure

Add custom legal disclosure language to all invoices, and choose whether to grant Full-Access advisor accounts custom disclosure permissions.

πŸ“  How to add a custom disclosure and manage advisor disclosure permissions

Manually mark an invoice as 'Paid'

This is perfect if your client paid you another way, such as with a check!

πŸ“  How to mark an invoice as Paid

Sample Invoice

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