[Account Owner] How Clients Register their Account

Getting your client set up on AdvicePay is simple and fast! (In fact, we encourage all our advisors to  set up a test client to see just how easy it is. πŸ˜€)

When you add a client to AdvicePay and send them an invoice, the client can easily go straight to setting up their account/making their payment right from the invoice notification email.

(Yes, your client doesn't even have to register an account! They can just pay and get on with their day!)

If you would like to be proactive and invite your client to AdvicePay before any billing, please click the blue button at right on the invitation link found in their profile (if they are registered it won't be there).

To Register, before paying, clients can now click on the link from their invoice and on the screen below, locate and click on Create an Account (see image below):

From there it will take them to a page that looks like this:

*** AdvicePay does this as extra security to ensure the client is the one who clicked the link.

Next, they will need to go to their email and find the newest email from AdvicePay) All emails come from (info@pp.advicepay.com) with the Subject line: "AdvicePay Password Reset."

Once they click on the blue button that says "Reset your password" they will see this screen to do so:

Once the password is created they will be signed into their account and will be on the client Dashboard as below:

To log back in any time at  https://app.advicepay.com/, they will use the email address associated with their account as their username and the password that they set above. 

πŸ“  Help - my client can't get logged back in! I think they forgot their password.

To Register an AdvicePay Account after Paying without Logging in

If clients pay without logging in, there is also the option thereafter to create an account in the same window using the link as seen below:

Once they click the link above, they will see the below. From there we need to verify it's them, so we send an email to their email address on file in AdvicePay and ask them to create a password from the link sent inside the email. The email subject will be AdvicePay Password Reset.

Once a password is created they will then have an account created with their username(email address in AdvicePay and their password. They can then log in anytime here at https://app.advicepay.com

What Happens Next?

  • If you've already requested payment from them, they will see the unpaid invoice upon logging in and have the ability to immediately authorize payment. Here's how they do that!
  • If you haven't requested payment from them, they will see an "empty" dashboard.

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