[Account Owner] How Clients Can Pay Without an Account/Logging In

For easier payments, clients can pay one-time or subscription invoices without creating an AdvicePay account or logging in to their existing account!

Payment Process for Clients Who Are Unregistered

When you add a client and request a one-time (may be bundled with the subscription as a one-time up-front invoice) or subscription invoice, the invoice link along with a PDF of the invoice(s) will be sent to your client via email. When they click on the payment link, your clients can choose to create an account or pay without creating an account (shown below): 

Throughout this process your client may choose to pay without creating an AdvicePay account login, or they can create an account before/after paying if they so choose. 

By clicking on Pay without an account, your client will:

1. Be prompted to enter their credit card information (both ACH and credit card payments are supported - the client will only see the options you allow when creating the invoice!)

2. Click Next, then Confirm & Pay

Note: When a client pays a one-time invoice without creating an account/logging in, we do save their payment information for future use if they were to register/log in to their account. However, if your client pays additional invoices in the future without registering/logging in, they will still be required to re-enter their payment information.

Subscriptions will always bill automatically each billing period (as normal), even if the client approves it without setting up an account login!

If your client should decide to register their account at a later date, their Paid invoice(s) will display in their account as normal! To register a client who paid without establishing an account, they will either need to enter their email here or receive a new invoice/their account invitation link .

Payment Process for Registered Clients Who Do Not Log In

When you request a one-time or subscription invoice, the invoice link you send to your already-registered client will automatically send them to a page that looks like this:

Throughout this process your client may choose to pay without logging in, or they can login to their account before paying if they so choose.

By clicking on  Pay without logging in, your client will continue with the same steps as outlined above. 

Note: Even if your client has saved payment information in their registered account, it will not display on the screen for security purposes. The client will be required to re-enter their payment information unless they choose to login to their account. If the client has two or more bank accounts in their account, they will be required to login.

Invoices paid when the client is not logged in will be viewable via their account when they next log in!

What about making a payment when there is a document requiring eSignature? 

If you attach an eSignature document to an invoice, clients who want to pay without logging in can still do so! They will be guided through the signing process first, and can then proceed to payment when all required signatures are collected. 

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