[Advisors] Unpaid and Overdue Invoice Reminders

AdvicePay will automatically remind your clients via email that they have an upcoming invoice due that they haven't paid and/or a past-due invoice that requires payment!

To manage, customize, or turn off these reminders, please see this article:

📍 Managing Emails Your Clients Receive

Here's how it works based on your default settings:

1. We'll send an email to your client  3 days before the due date on their invoice to remind them to make their payment.

2. If your client doesn't log in and make their payment, we'll also send them another email reminder  1 day after the invoice due date. (You will see that an invoice hasn't been paid by its due date if there's a "Past Due" status on the subscription/one-time invoice.)

Note: A reminder email will not be sent to for an invoice IF it is requested within the reminder's interval setting. (So, if you create an invoice within 1 day of its due date, and your overdue invoice email interval is set to 1 day after the due date, that overdue reminder will not go out to the client.) In all other cases, your client will receive a reminder to make their payment whether or not you emailed them the original request for payment.

A few extra tips & tricks!

  • If your client is showing up as Unregistered (which means they haven't set up their AdvicePay account yet), you can help them make their payment anytime you wish by sending them their Client Account Invitation link. Once they set their password and login they will immediately see your open invoice in their dashboard and have the ability to authorize payment.
  • Resend an invoice email through AdvicePay as your own reminder! Simply go to Invoices or Subscriptions in your sidebar, click the drop down menu for the relevant payment request, and select Send Reminder. Unregistered clients will be able to get set up right through this email as well!
  • Upcoming Invoice Reminders are sent out at 7:00 p.m. UTC.

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