[Advisors] Email Log

With the email log, both you and your Admin user(s) can see a real-time, chronological log of relevant system emails sent to you, your clients, and users on your account.  

AdvicePay uses UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time) as its time basis.

To view your log, go to Email Log from the menu at the top right of your screen:

To view the plain-text version of the email sent, click on its View icon:

Example email:

Searching and Exporting your Email Log

Not seeing what you're looking for? We've got you covered. The log is searchable by the email’s subject line, body content, and name of the client.

To download a spreadsheet of all emails or those you've filtered through search, click Export in the upper right of the screen:

Note: Reset password emails and non-system emails (e.g. with an AdvicePay team member) will not appear in the log!

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