[Read Only] Tracking Arrival Date

Important: You may not be able to see this feature! 👀 The ability to see the arrival date of funds expected to be deposited into your firm's bank account is a specific setting that can be toggled on by your Home Office only.

Tracking Arrival Date:

To view the arrival date of the invoice, navigate to Invoices in your sidebar! By clicking View Details for a payment, you can verify its Paid and Arrival status as well as its Transfer Status (In Transit or Transferred).

Paid vs. Clearing: What Do These Statuses Mean? You'll see a Clearing status on invoices that a client has recently paid via ACH!  This status reflects that it takes approximately 5-10 business days for ACH payments to settle at the client's bank and for your firm to receive the payout, during which point it's possible that they fail due to insufficient funds, incorrect account number, etc. Instead of immediately marking the status as "Paid" after the charge is made, we mark it as "Clearing" to show that the charge has been made and it's still officially processing at the bank. Once it's successful, it will update to Paid and begin the process of transferring to your firm's bank account. 🙂

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