[Read Only] Overview of Reports

If youโ€™re all about reports like us, you're in the right place! ๐Ÿ“Š We offer several different reports depending on your analytical needs. To get started, navigate to a specific report by using the links in the green box below. ๐Ÿ‘‡ Not that depending on your role, you may or may not have access to certain reports.

Client Report

For a broad report of all clients on your account, including not only profile information but also key subscription and one-time invoice data, head to Clients in your left-hand sidebar!

Click Export in top right-hand corner to export the report in Excel format:

Items shown on the export include:

  • Client Email 
  • Client First Name 
  • Client Last Name 
  • Display Name
  • Advisor Name 
  • Client Created Date (date added to AdvicePay)
  • Status (Active/Inactive -- an "Inactive" status means the client was deleted)
  • Active Subscription Count 
  • Unpaid Invoice Count 
  • Total Revenue 
  • Revenue YTD 
  • Next Subscription Bill Date (only populated once the current invoice billed is updated to Paid and the upcoming invoice is generated)
  • Next Subscription Bill Amount (only populated once the current invoice billed is updated to Paid and the upcoming invoice is generated)
  • Next One-time Invoice Due Date 
  • Next One-time Invoice Amount 
  • Past Due Invoice (True/False) 
  • Failed Payment (True/False) 
  • Client Attributes (each attribute created by the firm is listed in its own column; protected attributes will not be displayed)

Invoices Report

The Invoices page located in your sidebar ( Transactions > Invoices) contains a combined view of both your one-time and individual subscription invoices! You can use this page to easily find and manage things like:

  • All failed invoices
  • Invoices (both one-time and individual subscription invoices) that are in the Unpaid status
  • Past due subscription invoices
  • Payments that have completed transferring to your bank account within the last quarter
  • Paid invoices with a specific Description of Service
  • Refunded invoices for specific clients
  • Invoices created by an advisor during a specific time period
  • And more!

By using the Filter function you can restrict your view to a variety of specific scenarios, then export the invoices into an Excel report or as PDFs.

What does the 'Clearing' status mean?You'll see a Clearing status on invoices that a client has recently paid via ACH! This status reflects that it takes approximately 5 business days for ACH payments to settle at the client's bank, during which point it's possible that they fail due to insufficient funds, incorrect account number, etc. Instead of immediately marking the status as "Paid" after the charge is made, we mark it as "Clearing" to show that the charge has been made and it's still officially processing at the bank. Once it's successful, it will update to Paid. ๐Ÿ™‚At this time it's not an available filter on the Invoices page.

How to Filter Invoices:

1. Click the Filters button

Tip: The Descriptions of Service category allows you to select invoices associated with saved descriptions under "List of services" at Firm Settings > Invoice and/or Account Settings > Invoice.

3. Select Apply Filters

4. Optional: to download the filtered invoices into a single PDF file, select Actions > Download Invoices. To export the filtered invoices into an Excel report, select Actions > Export to .XLSX

5. To clear your filters/start over from scratch, select Filters > Reset Filters

Filter Options


  • Paid
  • Unpaid
  • Transferred
  • Refunded
  • Past Due
  • Failed
  • Upcoming
  • Offline Payment (e.g. Invoices marked as paid, online check deposits)
  • Pending Approval
  • Approval Rejected


  • One Time Invoices
  • Subscription (this includes Upfront Invoices attached to subscriptions as well!)


  • Type in or select Client Name


  • Type in or select an Office


  • Type in or select Advisor Name (only available to Full-Access Advisors and firm-level Admins/Analysts)

Date Invoiced:

  • From Date - To Date

Due Date:

  • From Date - To Date

Date Paid:

  • From Date - To Date

Date Transferred:

  • From Date - To Date 

Description of Service:

  • Type in or select a saved Description of Service (can type in content of description or title to search)

Deliverables Report

For a report of client Deliverables, head to Deliverables in your left-hand sidebar!

Select Actions > Export to .XLSX to export the report in Excel format:

Items shown on the report include:

  • Status (open, pending_signatures, past_due, complete)
  • Client Name
  • Advisor Name
  • Deliverable Type
  • Due Date (blank if status = upcoming)
  • Submitted Date (blank if not submitted or status = upcoming)
  • AP Engagement ID
  • External Engagement ID
  • Engagement Name

Both Account Owners and Firm Admin/Analyst users can access this download for deliverables firm-wide!

eSignature Document Report

To export a CSV file of all the documents created on your account, visit Document Vault > Documents and click the Export button in the top right-hand corner:

The export file includes the following information:

  • Status (e.g. Opened, Signed, Voided, etc.)
  • Advisor Name
  • Advisor Email
  • Recipients
  • Template Name
  • Invoice # (if document was attached to an invoice)
  • Date Sent
  • Date Signed (if applicable)

Engagement Report

Ever wonder how many Engagements a clients has, who their advisor is, or if there is a deliverable for it!? ๐Ÿ“ƒ We do too!  Look no further, because now you can check out all this useful information and more in our Engagement Report! 

For a report of Engagements, head over to  Engagements in your left-hand sidebar then click Export!

You'll see the following items on the  XLSX. spreadsheet: 

Items shown on the report include:

  • Client Name
  • Client Email Address
  • Client ID
  • Client Attributes 
  • Advisor Name
  • Advisor Email Address
  • Advisor ID
  • Engagement Name
  • Engagement ID
  • Engagement Created Date
  • Primary Agreement ID
  • Primary Agreement Name 
  • Primary Agreement Status  (Created, Opened, Completed, Voided)
  • Additional Agreement IDs
  • Invoice IDs
  • Subscription IDs
  • Deliverable Template Name
  • Last Deliverable Submitted Date
  • Next Deliverable Due Date

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