[Account Owner] Engagement Report

Ever wonder how many Engagements a clients has, who their advisor is, or if there is a deliverable for it!? 📃 We do too!  Look no further, because now you can check out all this useful information and more in our Engagement Report! 

For a report of Engagements, head over to Engagements in your left-hand sidebar then click on Export!

You'll see the following items on the XLSX. spreadsheet: 

Items shown on the report include:

  • Client Name
  • Client Email Address
  • Client ID
  • Client Attributes 
  • Advisor Name
  • Advisor Email Address
  • Advisor ID
  • Engagement Name
  • Engagement ID
  • Engagement Created Date
  • Primary Agreement ID
  • Primary Agreement Name 
  • Primary Agreement Status  (Created, Opened, Completed, Voided)
  • Additional Agreement IDs
  • Invoice IDs
  • Subscription IDs
  • Deliverable Template Name
  • Last Deliverable Submitted Date
  • Next Deliverable Due Date

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