[Advisors] How to Set Default Reviewer for Deliverables

Important: Your firm may now require that a Reviewer approve your Deliverables.

Depending on the setting that the Account Owner ("Home Office") has enabled, you might see the ability to choose your own Reviewer when submitting your Deliverable.

If this option is available to you, then you will also be able to enable a default reviewer in your account settings (see instructions below)! 😃That said they might also need to attest they reviewed the deliverable since they can only review or review the deliverables before approving or rejecting.

Since the option for Advisors to select their own Reviewer is managed by the Account Owner ("Home Office"), it might not be available on your particular account. If your firm does require approvals for Deliverables, but they do not allow you to choose your own Reviewer, then the approval requirement will default to your Home Office and the drop-down menu will be greyed out.

Updating your Default Reviewer for Deliverables

Your Account Owner is automatically set to be your default Reviewer; however, you can change this within your settings as shown below. While you will have a default Reviewer for your account, you can always change the reviewer for individual deliverables during the submission process.

To update your default Reviewer, visit your  Account Settings.

Under  Company > Reviewer Selection, choose which Reviewer you would like set as your default!

Please note that Reviewers must Review or Go to the Deliverables before being able to Approve or Reject Deliverables. They might also need to attest to doing so when performing reviews for Deliverables and advisors.

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