[Account Owner] Turn Off/On Profile Editing for Advisors and Admins

Both the Account Owner and their Admins can manage firm-wide Profile editing permissions.

By default all users can edit their own name and email address within AdvicePay. If your Enterprise is using our API to update personal Profile details for advisors and admins, you will likely want to disallow Profile editing within AdvicePay in order to ensure consistent data between systems!

 To manage this permission, head to Firm Settings > Advisor:

Under General > Settings, toggle Allow advisors and admins to edit their personal details to off:

When this is off, all firm users on the account -- including the Account Owner and their Admins -- will be unable to edit their own personal details under the  Your Profile page. Instead, the below message will display:

To reverse this and allow Profile edits, simply toggle the above setting back to on!

This setting does not impact Client accounts and their ability to manage their own name and email address.

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