[Account Owner] Best Practices: Deliverables

Looking to get the most out of the Deliverables feature? Let us help!

First and foremost, if you're a firm that is just starting to formalize your tracking process — keep it simple

For a one-time service, track it once. We recommend matching up the Deliverable date with the service date in your agreement. 

For example, if you say in your agreement that services will be delivered within 12 months, then make your Deliverable due 12 months after the agreement signed date.

For an on-going service, track more frequently. We generally see every 5 - 6 months as an ideal frequency for clients who are paying via subscription. 

If the subscription bills indefinitely, then set up a deliverable with no end date. 

If your service is being paid via subscription and does have an end date to it, then set up a Deliverable template that is ‘limited’ (i.e. only have the Deliverable bill __ number of times).

Some additional best practices:
  • If the services provided to a client vary drastically from one another -- for instance, when evidence for Advisory Services is very different from 401k Planning -- then set up separate requirements for Deliverables evidence. This allows you to get more specific with what you need to see. 
  • If you already have an internal form that you use for tracking deliverables, use our eSign option under Deliverables and attach the form as a template!
  • Use Engagements to automatically open Deliverables for maximum efficiency. Or, if you’re looking to randomly audit advisors, use our Custom Due Date option when setting up the template.

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