[Advisors] Your Invoice History for Payments to AdvicePay

Only Advisors who have been set up by the Enterprise firm to independently pay us for their AdvicePay account will see an Invoice History section. Advisors who pay their Enterprise firm for access to AdvicePay will want to contact their firm for payment information and billing questions.

Find all information regarding your current AdvicePay plan charges, next bill date, bank account, and invoice history under  Account Settings > Billing. You will find your Account Settings under the top-right drop down menu in your account:

To view your Billing History, simply scroll down the page!

Note: the invoice status for your AdvicePay subscription will display as 'Unpaid' while your payment is still processing at the bank, but once it is successful, you will see the status change to 'Paid.'

Also, an invoice with the breakdown is sent via email to the Account Owner from our underlying payment processor, Stripe. The address that it comes from looks similar to: receipts+{uniquenumberstringhere}@stripe.com. The subject line will start with "Your Receipt from AdvicePay..." and it looks similar to below:


Frequently Asked Questions

"Do I need to manually make a payment to you each month, or will my AdvicePay subscription automatically bill?"

There's no need to worry about going in and making your AdvicePay subscription payment each month, as we will automatically charge your account! If you need to make updates to your billing account, you may do that on your Billing page as well.

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