[Advisor] How Clients Update Their Payment Method

Did you know that clients can update their payment information anytime by logging into their secure AdvicePay account and managing their payment methods? Best of all...it's easy!

Tip: If you have clients on subscriptions, the below steps are best practice because it allows them to stay on their existing subscription without any interruptions or extra work! 🎉

By clients updating their payment information through their account, you can avoid the hassle of canceling the subscription, setting up a brand new request, emailing it out,  then requiring your client to go back in and activate it from scratch with their new payment information. 

Here are the steps clients will want to take:

  1. Log in to their AdvicePay account at https://app.advicepay.com
  2. Visit Account Settings > Billing and enter their new checking or credit/debit card information

  1. Select Make Default on the new account listing (this allows any active subscriptions the client may have to automatically bill against that information on their next bill date)
  2. Delete the old account information if desired ( this must be done only after another method is on file- cannot be removed if only one is on file).

If you have a client who hasn't officially registered their account (which will prevent them from logging in and managing their payment method), they can enter their email on file over at https://app.advicepay.com/forgotpass. This will then send them an automatic link allowing them to set a password and log in!

Finally, the below tutorials on our dedicated Client Knowledge Base are a perfect resource for clients if they prefer a little extra guidance: 

Best Practice Note: Our Customer Support team recommends including direct links to the above articles in any initial onboarding documents or resources you give to your subscription clients.

We've found that firms who put these in clients' hands from the get-go allow those clients to quickly self-help and feel more satisfied about making their payments through AdvicePay. 

(It also reduces all those "How do I...?" emails to you and/or your staff, so you can focus less on your tech and more on helping them live their great lives!)

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