[Advisor] Best Practices: Updating a Client's Email Address

Depending on the settings your Enterprise firm has established, please note that you may not see the ability to edit a client's email. We recommend reaching out to your Home Office for more detail and options.

Emails can only be edited if the client's status displays as Unregistered and they have never entered checking, credit/debit card information or had invoices manually marked as paid on AdvicePay.

When a client's email address needs updated or edited, there are a couple of different options to go about changing the email in AdvicePay. Here is the best course of action based on your client's current situation:

Edit a Client's Email on Their Behalf

This approach works for newly added clients who 1) have yet to establish a password for their account or 2) attempt payments on an invoice.

If the client's status displays as Unregistered  and they have not ever entered checking, credit/debit card information or had invoices manually marked as paid on AdvicePay, you can edit the email on your end by:

  1. Going to Clients > View Client for the person you want to update
  2. Clicking Edit Profile, updating the email, and selecting Save Profile


Invite the Client to Edit Their Own Email

This approach is ideal for clients who 1) have already established a password for their account or 2) have attempted/made payments on an invoice. 

One of the important ways we stay 100% compliant and maintain strict account security is by not giving firms the ability to change the client's email once that client has a status of Registered, added payment information or had an invoice marked as paid manually by the Advisor.

If a client fits the above conditions, you won't see the email address available to you for editing. Instead, these clients have the ability to update their email address themselves when they are logged in to their account!

This simple tutorial on our Client Knowledge Base can be passed on to clients who need a helping hand: How to Edit Your Name or Email Address

Best Practices When a Client is Unable to Update Their Email: Sometimes a client may no longer have access to their email address and is unable to login to update their email because they've also forgotten their password. If this happens, please reach out to our Customer Support Team at support@advicepay.com -- we would be happy to help verify ownership of the account and get your client logged in!

In the event we are unable to verify the account, you will want to delete the client's old profile and create a client profile under the new email address. All existing payment history under the client's old profile will be maintained in AdvicePay. 👍

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