[Office Manager] Managing Office Settings

Office Setting permissions are controlled by the primary firm's  account on AdvicePay  (aka your broker dealer or "home office") . This means one or more of the below features may not be available to you for management!

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Overview of Office Settings

An Office Manager is an advisor user under an Enterprise firm that has been designated as having permissions to manage specific settings for an "office" of advisors. An Office Manager can also see office data, including other advisors' clients within the office, and can manage billing for their own or other advisors' clients. 

An office is set up and organized by the Enterprise firm's primary account. 

As an Office Manager, you will see an Office Settings option under your top-right drop down menu in your account:

Certain setting permissions are granted for advisors in the Enterprise firm's primary account.  If the Enterprise firm has allowed advisors to manage one or more of their own settings, the Office Manager will see those options available for management in the tabs shown below. 

Note: If a setting is not available for management, it will be hidden from view!

An Office Manager can choose to have settings for an office that are different or more restrictive than what is set by the Enterprise firm. 

  • For instance: if the Enterprise firm has permitted advisor logo management, yet advisors within an office must all share the same logo, the Office Manager can upload a logo at Office Settings > Office and toggle the "Allow advisors to override logo image" to off. This will control the logo for only those advisors within that office.

❗️Since Office Managers are also advisors in the office, changes you make to permissions and content in Office Settings for office advisors will also take effect under your own Account Settings.

Editing the Company Name

Editing the Company Name is always available, and will change the name that appears in emails and on client invoices for all advisors in the office. 

To change what is currently displayed, enter in your desired text at Office Settings > Office and click Save.

The custom logo will replace:

  • The current logo in the upper left hand corner of AdvicePay for office advisors and their clients
  • The large "INVOICE - #" header on all client invoices (including those already issued)
  • The current logo in emails to clients 

To get started, head on over to Office Settings > Office.

1. Under Company Logo, drag and drop the desired logo into the upload box, or click the box to bring up an upload window and select a file from your computer. 

Accepted File Types: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG   |  Size Limit: 1 MB

2. Use the Finalize Logo controls to crop and/or resize the logo if necessary by zooming in or out so that it fits within the rectangle selection box. Note that you can make the selection box larger or smaller as well! 

3. Click the "✓" button in your control area to save and return to the settings. To remove the logo at any time, just click the Delete link.

Adding Admin Users

1. Go to  Office Settings > Office

2. Scroll down to  Admin Users and select Add Account:

3. Enter the user's  EmailFirst Name, and Last Name

4. Select  Type of User

An Admin user can do everything you as the Office Manager can do, such as manage office settings, invite clients, request payments, cancel invoices, delete clients, and export reports. This user  cannot add/delete other Admin and Analyst users.

An  Analyst user can only view activity on the account (e.g. clients, invoices, and transfers), as well as export reports. They cannot make any changes to the account or to billing.

4. Click  Add

Note: You can change a user's access type by clicking the Admin/Analyst drop down menu under Role, selecting a different role, and confirming the change:

To delete a user and revoke their access to AdvicePay, simply click the trash can icon 🗑associated with their name entry! 

Adding Additional Information to Invoices

Go to Office Settings > Invoice to set  Additional Information to appear on client invoices, such as an address, phone number, etc! When done, click Save. If set, this information will replace anything set at the Enterprise firm level and apply to all advisors' client invoices within the office.

To prevent advisors in the office from individually managing this information for their own client invoices, you will want to toggle "Enable advisors to include their own additional information" to off

Adding a Custom Disclosure to Invoices

Set a specific legal disclosure when invoicing clients under the Invoice Disclosure section. This language will appear at the bottom of every invoice -- including those already issued!

To set custom disclosure language for the office, go to  Office Settings > Invoice, enter the text in the Invoice Disclosure box, then click Save.

To prevent advisors in the office from individually managing this information for their own client invoices, you will want to make sure the toggle  "Enable advisors to write their own disclosures" is set to off

Adding an Email Disclosure to Emails

Add a legal disclosure to the bottom of all system emails sent by advisors across the office by going to Office Settings > Emails & Notifications, entering in your text, and clicking Save.

To prevent advisors in the office from individually managing this information for their own client emails, you will want to make sure the toggle  "Enable advisors to write their own disclosures" is set to off

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