[Read Only] How to Enable Two-Step Authentication

Here at AdvicePay we offer two different multi-factor authentication options to add extra security protections for your account! We encourage you to enable one of them to help ensure your information remains safe.

Important! Account Owners now have the ability to require all Advisors and Admins in their firm to use MFA. If this option is toggled on by the Account Owner, the next time an Advisor or Admin logs into their AdvicePay account, they will be required to set up their MFA and will be unable to proceed into their platform until this occurs. If this happens for your firm, please use the below authenticator app or text messaging instructions to set up your MFA. 😃

*If the authentication is required for us to reset it for any reason, our team may need to verify your identity with a few security questions from your account to confirm it is you making the request. Once we verify that information we can reset the authentication.

Option 1: Use an authenticator app (recommended)

1. Begin by visiting  Your Profile > Two-Step Authentication and toggling Enable two-step authentication to on:

2. Select Use authenticator app

3. Use the links provided to find and download either Google Authenticator or Authy (if one is not installed on your mobile device already). Next, enter in your mobile phone number and click Register.

4. Scan the QR code displayed on the screen with your authentication app.

5. Enter the code for AdvicePay from your app and click Confirm Phone

The next time you log in you'll be prompted to enter a verification code from your app after you enter your email and password! 👍

Option 2: Use text messaging

1. Begin by visiting Your Profile > Two-Step Authentication and toggling  Enable two-step authentication to on:

2. Select Receive a text message.

3. Enter a phone number where you can receive text messages, then click Confirm Phone.

4. Finally, enter the AdvicePay verification code sent to that phone number and click Confirm!

When logging in you'll be prompted to enter a verification code sent via text message after you enter your email and password. 

Want to update or remove two-step authentication?

No problem! To update your connection (e.g. switch from text messages to using an app), visit your Profile > Two-Step Authentication, click Update, select the option you wish to use, and click the "Switch to..." link. Follow the prompts to make your changes. 

Tip: To change your phone number, disable then re-enable two-step authentication. You'll then repeat the set up process using the new phone number.

To turn off two-step authentication entirely, visit your  Profile > Two-Step Authentication and toggle Enable two-step authentication to off. This will allow you to log in with only an email and password. 

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