[Account Owner] Limit Client Payment Method to ACH or Credit Cards

While AdvicePay is designed to support both ACH (checking account) and credit/debit cards for convenient client payments, we also give you the option to limit the type of payments you'll accept from clients on your account!  

Payment method restrictions can be placed on individual invoices when sending a payment request, or on all clients. By managing your accepted payment methods across all clients, you can not only limit your clients to paying with a certain type of account, but also limit what they see in their Billing settings. 

You'll want to take advantage of this setting if, for example, you only accept ACH payments and therefore don't want clients to see a credit card option in their account! 

Please note that you can only restrict the payment methods of clients assigned to you! Clients of any other advisors on the firm account will not be affected unless the advisor changes their settings within their own account.

Manage Accepted Payment Methods for Your Clients

1. Go to Account Settings > Invoice

2. Under Payment Methods, select which payment method options you would like for your clients to see in their Billing settings and use when paying one-time invoices and subscriptions. Click Save

Credit Card & ACH (Clients can make payments with credit/debit cards or ACH. They will see the ability to add both payment method types in their Billing settings, even if a specific invoice is limited to payment with ACH or Credit Card only.)

Credit Card only (Clients can make payments with credit/debit cards only. They will only see the ability to add credit/debit cards in their Billing settings.)

ACH only (Clients can make payments with checking accounts only. They will only see the ability to add checking account information in their Billing settings.)

Note: Adjustments to this setting will not alter payment methods actively billing subscriptions or existing unpaid invoices. For example, if you change your settings to accept to ACH Only while you currently have clients paying their subscription with a credit card, their subscriptions will continue to successfully bill on those credit cards. However, when your clients visit their Billing settings they will be unable to add or replace their credit card with a new one. 

Likewise, an existing unpaid invoice can still be paid with the payment method accepted at the time of its creation. If desired, this can be changed by editing the payment method on the invoice!

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