[Account Owner] Fee Calculator Templates: Setup Guide

Please note: the fee calculator does not allow negative numbers

While there are many considerations and ways to calculate fees, we have included a few common templates to help you get started. These templates and the pre-filled figures provided are flexible, and provide only a general framework -- you have full control over customizing them to fit your firm's and clients' needs!

To use a starting template when creating a fee calculator, go to Tools > Fee Calculator > Add Fee Calculator, then click on a template:

📍 Click here for detailed help with the calculator + how to use it when requesting client payments!

Flat Fees (Flat Subscription)

You know your target client, what they need, and the complexity and time required to deliver it. Your niche is clear, and so you set one fee for all of your clients.

Example: Clients pay $6,000 annually.

Calculator configuration:

Preview: All clients are billed at $500/month (or $1500/quarter, etc).

Income + Net Worth

To account for the increased complexity and time that is required for clients with higher levels of income, assets, and net worth, you calculate your fees based on a percentage of their income and net worth.

Example: Clients pay 2.0% of income plus 0.5% of net worth.

Calculator configuration:

Preview: A client coming to you with $100,000 of income and $200,000 of net worth would pay you $3,000 annually or $250 monthly.


Your fees focus on the complexity involved in building a financial plan for each client. Using multiples and factors you calculate a client’s fees based on their marital status, how many kids they have, whether they own a business, their real estate holdings, and whether they have student loans, for example.

Here, you consider the various aspects of someone’s life that add complexity to the work you will do for them and adjust their fees accordingly.

Calculator configuration (partial):

Complexity-Based + AUA

For advisors who are billing for both financial planning and on an AUA basis, a blended calculator can be a very valuable tool. This allows the advisor to calculate a combined fee for both the complexity-based financial planning work and the AUA they are managing.

With one calculator they can determine the total bill for their client and only bill their client once per billing period rather than separating them into two bills.

Calculator configuration (partial):

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