[Read Only] How to Contact AdvicePay for Support!

We know you need -- and expect -- quick, accurate help when working with clients' billing. We can give that to you! Our support team are kind, smart, and generous humans working under the beautiful big skies of Bozeman, Montana and across the United States. (Meet us here.)

We're a friendly bunch, and we're honored to spend time with you answering your questions, solving your problems, and helping you become AdvicePay wizards!

How we help 

Our customer support here at AdvicePay takes place over email at support@advicepay.com. We offer speedy help Monday through Friday between 9 am - 5 pm MT, working hard to reply to everyone within 60 minutes or less. 

(Trust us: you won't find any "we'll get back to you in a few days" messages around here.)

Fun Facts: Our support holds a 96% positive "happiness" rating from our users. 😍

Why we'll ask you to work with us over email!

We definitely appreciate that some people prefer hopping on the phone, and would rather talk things out verbally rather than over email. We've experimented with phone support for this reason, and have found it doesn't work great for us (or you) for a few reasons. 

We love online support because: 

  1. Working with the AdvicePay app and troubleshooting potential issues is a visual process. We may need to ask you to send us screenshots to help us see what you’re seeing.

    On our end, we need to be able to share screenshots, GIFs, Knowledge Base articles, and instructional videos to show you exactly what to do or where to look. Explaining step-by-step actions or more complex processes over the phone often results in more confusion. 

  2. It's faster -- for you and us! 

    Most questions can be answered immediately and thoroughly over email. But some do require some more sleuthing behind-the-scenes, and we prefer to get to the bottom of those without keeping you sitting on the phone.

    Additionally, an email allows us to immediately pull up your customer information and access the multiple systems where your account information is located -- so we can dig in right away.

  3. We can keep detailed records.

    This ensures nothing gets lost in translation if another team member needs to jump in to help. It also means we'll always have access to your previous emails so you won't have to waste your time repeating questions.

  4. It allows us to dedicate the same high level of care and attention to all of our customers.

    Because we are a small team, taking a phone call often means our email support suffers: replies get slowed down, bug reports are delayed in getting to our developers, and so on. This a bummer, and doesn't make us feel good. 

How to reach us

Getting in touch with us is super simple: you can always reach us at support@advicepay.com, or in the app! Just click the beacon in the bottom right-hand corner:

👉Did you know that our support team isn't just here for advisors? We also help all your clients, too -- they can reach us the same way and we'll jump right in!

Still craving voice time with us?

Sign up for one of our fabulous live training demos! Let us give you a tour of the unique features of the platform and answer any questions you might have about how AdvicePay can work for you.

If you have an account under a large Enterprise that has contracted with AdvicePay, you may also have a dedicated Support center for AdvicePay available to you through your Home Office!

Due the wide variety of custom permissions available, many Enterprises provide special guides and training that reflect the specific functionality you see in your account. They can also help you understand their unique requirements for workflows. 

Not sure what's available to you? Please reach out to us at support@advicepay.com! We'll help guide you in the right direction. 💥

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