[Advisors] Updating Your Billing Account

Only Advisors who have been set up by the Enterprise firm to independently pay for their AdvicePay account will see a Billing section and be able to enter/manage their bank information.

Managing your bank accounts is done under Account Settings under your top-right drop down menu in your account) > Billing.

Here you'll find your Billing account (this is what you use to pay AdvicePay for your monthly subscription service).

We are able to accept any checking account associated with a U.S. bank. If you wish to use your brokerage account, please be sure ACH has been activated in order to allow debits + credits on the account!

Note: We don't support debiting or paying out funds to savings accounts! Using savings account information will result in a failed payment/payout. 

You can update this account when necessary by clicking the Add Account button and entering in new information: 

After entering your new account, click the drop down menu and select  Make Default in order to begin using it. Any non-default account can also be deleted here!

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