[Advisors] Can I bill couples or add a second user to a client's account?

Yes, you can do both! 

Billing Couples

To bill couples so that both names show up on their invoice, you will first want to set up one of the clients as the "primary" client under the First Name and Last Name fields.  (This ensures that names display correctly in emails and that you can receive a legal signature for an individual if you send out contracts via the eSignature integration.)

You will then designate the exact names to display on the invoices themselves -- this can be done when first adding a client or by editing their Profile:

Adding Users to Client Accounts

To remain compliant and ensure no one can access a client's account without their permission, we only allow clients to add user logins! Adding a user login does not change information displayed on invoices. ๐Ÿ‘

If a partner/spouse -- or even an administrative assistant -- also needs access so that they too can pay invoices and manage billing, the primary client is able to add them by giving them login capabilities through their own client portal.

๐Ÿ“For Clients: How To Add Users to Your Account

Additional client users:

  • Require a different email than the primary client
  • Will automatically receive the same email notifications as the primary client
  • Can make payments and cancel subscriptions
  • Can see all client contracts (but they can only sign contracts where they are a designated signee)
  • Will have their own Signatures page (when relevant) and show as a signee option to the advisor
  • Can edit their own name/email
  • Can adjust account-wide email notification preferences (meaning, changes they make will apply to emails the client and all of their users receive) 
  • Can view/add/remove payment methods in the Wallet 
  • Cannot manage additional logins

You can see all users that a client has added under their Profile information when viewing the client's page:

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