[Advisors] Adding Administrative Users to Your Account

The ability to add Admins/Analysts is controlled by the primary firm's  account on AdvicePay  (aka your broker dealer or "home office"), or by the Office Manager . This means it may not be available to you!

1. Under the  Accounts menu option, choose Admins:

2. Click the  Add Admin button in the upper right hand corner:

3. Enter the user's  EmailFirst Name, and Last Name

4. Select the Type of User:

  • An Admin user can do everything the account owner can do, such as invite clients, request payments, cancel invoices, delete clients, and export transaction reports. This user cannot view billing bank information, add/delete Admin and Analyst users, change the company name, and/or delete the account. 
  • An Analyst user can only view activity on the account (e.g. clients, invoices, and transfers), as well as export transaction reports. They cannot view the billing bank information or make any changes.

5. Click Add

Note: You can change a user's access type by clicking the drop down menu next to the Admin/Analyst, choosing Edit Profile, selecting a different role, and confirming the change by choosing Save:

To delete a user and revoke their access to AdvicePay, simply follow the steps above, but choose  Delete Admin.

  • Admin for an Advisor only can add/delete or edit any Admin/Analyst for their Advisor specifically (only if the firm allows Advisors to add Admins). They cannot view, add/delete or edit any Admin (Home Office).
  • Analyst for an Advisor only can view Admin/Analyst for their Advisor specifically. They cannot view, add/delete or edit any other Admin/Analyst or Admin (Home Office).
  • Home Office Account Owner and their Admins are able to add/delete or edit any Admin/Analyst for an Advisor.

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