[Account Owner] Our bank account has a fraud filter in place or doesn't allow debits. How do I approve AdvicePay?

We have a fraud filter in place for any direct debits via our bank and will need to set up AdvicePay as a new vendor so transactions can be authorized without a problem. I was told I need to obtain the "ACH Company ID" for AdvicePay in order to do this. Can you help?

Yes we can! This information is provided via our underlying payment processor, Stripe. There are four numbers in total you will likely need to provide for both receiving payments and making payments to AdvicePay:

For receiving payments via ACH, Stripe‚Äôs ACH company IDs:  WFMSTRIPE1 - Stripe Inc and 1800948598 - Stripe Payments Company

For making payments via ACH:  4270465600 - Stripe Payments Company and 1800948598 - Stripe Payments Company

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