[Advisors] TD Ameritrade's Veo One

AdvicePay has a single-sign-on (SSO) integration with TD Ameritrade's Veo One. With this integration, you can connect to AdvicePay directly from your Veo platform to facilitate your fee-for-service billing processes alongside, for example, any AUM fee billing you may do. 

To access AdvicePay from Veo One:

1. Download this fillable form: Veo One Release of Information

2. Enter the requested information. Be sure to select AdvicePay as a vendor on the form:


3. Save the document to your computer. (Alternatively, you can print the form and fax it in.)

4.  Submit it to tdaiwestprocessing@tdameritrade.com, or via fax to 858-678-2855. Once approved, Veo One will turn on AdvicePay under your list of approved vendor integrations.

Note: Advisor invoicing will still ultimately live within two systems, so clients will continue to set up an AdvicePay account and enter a checking, brokerage, or credit card payment method for their AdvicePay invoices. 

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