[Account Owner] Audit Log

Do you need to track down who refunded that client, verify when a client or advisor last logged in, or run a report on how many invoices were sent last quarter? The audit log provides a "paper trail" of key actions performed in AdvicePay by users connected to your account, making it simple to follow (and report on!) the internal activities that matter to your firm. 

Account Owners and Firm Admin users can view the log by going to Audit Log from the menu at the top right of your screen. 

By default we will display all advisor, user, and client activity in chronological order, with the most recent actions displayed first. 

AdvicePay uses UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time) as its time basis.

Actions included for tracking:

Advisor and User Activity

  • Invoices
    • Created
    • Edited 
    • Deleted
    • Marked as Paid
    • Refunded 
    • Approval Request Sent
    • Approval Accepted
    • Approval Declined
  • Subscriptions
    • Created
    • Edited (Inactive)
    • Edited (Active)
    • Canceled
    • Paused
    • Resumed
    • Approval Request Sent
    • Approval Accepted
    • Approval Declined
    • Fee Change Proposed
    • Fee Change Canceled
    • Fee Change Declined
    • Fee Change Applied
    • Fee Escalation Applied
  • Deliverables
    • Created Deliverable
    • Submitted Deliverable
    • Edited Deliverable
    • Deleted Deliverable
  • CRUD
    • Created Deliverable Template
    • Edited Deliverable Template
    • Deleted Deliverable Template
    • Client Assigned Advisor
    • Created Client
    • Edited Client
    • Deleted Client
    • Added Analyst/Admin User
    • Deleted Analyst/Admin User
    • Created Advisor
    • Edited Advisor
    • Deleted Advisor
    • Created Office
    • Edited Office
    • Deleted Office
  • Settings
    • Added Custom Invoice Disclosure
    • Edited Custom Invoice Disclosure
    • Added Custom Email Disclosure
    • Edited Custom Email Disclosure
    • Added Logo
    • Deleted Logo
    • Edited Invoice Date Range
    • Edited Allow Reps Edit Advance/Arrears Billing
    • Edited Email Notifications (includes Client activity and changes to notification frequencies)
  • Profile
    • Edited Name
    • Edited Email Address
    • Edited Firm Name
  • Wallet
    • Added Bank Account
    • Edited Bank Account
    • Deleted Bank Account
  • Log in/out
    • Logged In
    • Logged Out

Client Activity

  • CRUD
    • Client Created Account (aka additional login user on their account)
  • Payments
    • Viewed Invoice (the client viewed the invoice by entering the payment request workflow)
    • Opened Invoice (the client viewed the PDF version of the invoice)
    • Viewed Document
    • Made Payment
    • Dispute Opened
    • Dispute Closed
    • Subscription Canceled By Client
  • Profile
    • Edited Name
    • Edited Email Address
  • Log in/out
    • Logged In
    • Logged Out

Filtering Data

Find the information relevant to you by using filters! Just click on the Filters button to select the action(s) you want displayed. 

Next, select from the All Users drop down if you want to limit your filter options and results to a certain user type. (Optional)

Selecting Advisors Only will exclude any actions made by Admin users on your account. Selecting Clients Only will exclude any actions made by now-deleted clients.

And/or, select from the All Time drop down if you want to limit your results to a set time period. (Optional)

If desired, then select the specific action(s) you want to view. You can select multiple actions under more than one category!

When finished, click the Apply Filters button to view the filtered data. Click Reset Filters to return to viewing all actions.

Exporting the Log

For an Excel report of your Audit Log, click the Export Log button at the top of the page.

Note: If you have filters applied, your exported file will only include the filtered data. 👍

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