[Account Owner] How Clients Make Payments and Activate Subscriptions

We aim to make paying invoices fast and efficient for your clients, which is why it only takes a few steps to make a payment from start to finish on AdvicePay. Follow along with the visuals below and a few gifs to see the process via ACH and Credit Card payments.

📍 Here's an article written especially for clients on how to make their payments

If your client accesses their invoice directly via a link in their email, they'll be automatically taken to the below. They can easily log in using the Sign in to log into their account located under the Card on the left side or just enter the payment information to US bank account or Card then click Pay to pay without logging in.

If they choose to sign into their account, the first thing they'll see on their dashboard is your unpaid invoices or subscriptions(at right). Once inside their account, clients can choose to use a saved payment method on file or add a new payment right on the same screen.

Here is a quick gif of their options to pay once logged into AdvicePay:

If they need to find their individual invoices or subscriptions, these can be found on the left sidebar on the main Dashboard under Transactions, then invoices or subscriptions respectively.

Note: If you have chosen to only be paid via ACH (bank account) or only via credit card, the client will only see that one option displayed for payment methods.

If they would like to pay via ACH this is how that looks (without logging in):

This is the process of how to pay without logging in with a Credit Card looks:

If your client's bank isn't listed for quick linking, they forgot their online banking login info, or they'd like to add their account a different way,  any checking account can be added by selecting 'Manually enter details' once they are in the US bank account view. Form there they can enter an account and routing number from a check! 🎉Please note that we do not accept savings accounts.

Note: If you selected to pay with a credit or debit card via your digital wallet -- e.g. Apple Pay or Google Pay -- you will be prompted to pay with that once selected, and you hit pay. You will then be able to select the card on file and proceed to payment on the same pop-up screen.

For subscriptions with due dates set in the future, note that you will not be charged immediately upon authorizing the subscription -- rather, your account will be debited on the future date indicated on the main dashboard screen or on the final payment screen:

4. When you're ready, you'll need to click a final button to authorize current and/or future charges!

If you have any payment due today, you'll click Pay($requested):

If you only have a subscription payment that is to be charged automatically in the future, you'll click Confirm Subscription:

❗️We will not charge the client or activate their subscription until this final step is completed.

Once successfully submitted, you will be redirected to a screen confirming your payment. You will also receive a confirmation via email stating it was activated. 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the client recognize the charge on their statement?

All payments are processed by our underlying partner payment gateway, Stripe. While we've set charges made through our app to default to your firm name, banks and credit card companies don't always honor that! Therefore, you may find that the charge on your clients' statements appears as AdvicePay, Stripe, or Stripe Inc.

One thing that may be helpful to advise your clients is to print out the email confirmation they receive from us after making a payment to keep track of the date + amount of the charge so that they can refer to it when they're reviewing their monthly statement. 

Can a client maintain multiple payment methods — e.g. 2 separate bank accounts — in their AdvicePay account? My client wants to pay their invoices in different ways.

Yes! There is no limit to the number of payment methods that can be added in client Wallets.

However, please note that subscriptions will always bill the client's current  default payment method. The default account is determined by the last payment method used, so if they set up a subscription with Credit Card A and then later pay a one-time invoice with Credit Card B, the subscription will bill Credit Card B on the next due date.

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