[Advisors] Client Attributes

Attributes can be disabled by your Enterprise firm. The fields will not be editable if disabled. If this is the case, we recommend reaching out to your Home Office for more detail and options!

Is your Enterprise seeking an easy way to manage and identify clients? If so, they may stay organized by providing optional or required client profile properties to be filled out upon adding a client!  

These properties -- or attributes -- are only seen by you, your admin users, and admin/analyst users firm-wide. (Clients never see it.)

If you assign a client attribute, it will display on the client's profile page and appear on the Client Report.

Assigning Attributes to Clients

Assigning an attribute can be done when you add a client, or it can be added/edited by going to ClientsView Client > Edit Profile.

Here you can add, edit, or remove the information entered in the attributes field(s) available to you:

When added/saved, their profile will now display like so:

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