[Advisors] How to Edit a One-Time Invoice or Subscription

Important: The ability to edit an invoice or subscription is controlled by your Home Office. If you don't have the ability to edit the payment request, please contact your Home Office for changes required.

Need to change something about an invoice you issued? You can with the Edit option! This is especially handy if you would like to update the:

  • Due Date
  • Amount
  • Description of Services
  • Accepted Payment Method: CC and/or ACH
  • # of Billing Periods

Any unpaid one-time invoice or inactive subscription can be edited to change the above items. 

Only the Amount and Description of Services is editable on  active subscriptions -- jump here for more on increasing/decreasing a fee!

To remain a compliant payment platform, clients must approve an edit that increases the Amount on an active (ongoing) subscription. Fee reductions do not require the client's approval. If you need to make other changes to a subscription that is already authorized by a client, you will want to cancel it and issue a new one. 😀

Editing an Inactive Subscription

1. Find the payment request under  Invoices or Subscriptions in your sidebar. 

From here click the drop down menu and select Edit Invoice or Edit Subscription:

Note: The Edit option will be unavailable on an inactive invoice/subscription if any signee has already signed a contract that was attached to the payment request!

If you need to make changes in this situation, you will want to delete/cancel the payment request. This will void the signed contract and allow you to set up a new invoice + attach a contract for new signature.

2. Make your changes! Everything is editable on an inactive invoice or subscription  except the client's name and the invoice frequency. When you're ready, click Save & Continue.

For instances where a document + invoice , if any edit is made on an inactive subscription the document will be refreshed and re-created, prior edits will need to be re-done or they will be lost:

3. Select Send Email to send over an email notice to your client, or Skip Email if you want to make the changes without notifying them. All changes you make to the invoice will automatically update on the client's account.

Note: If you issued a subscription + one-time payment together, you will have the option to make changes to one or both invoices together when you click Edit Subscription:

(Updating the accepted payment method will apply to both the one-time upfront invoice as well as the subscription invoice.)

Editing the Amount on an Active Subscription

Increasing a fee may require your firm's approval before the proposed change is sent to the client! You will see this noted when editing the Amount. Once the fee is approved by your firm (the "home office" account), your client will receive an email allowing them to proceed with approving/declining the increase.

1. Find the active subscription under  Subscriptions. From here click the drop down menu and select Edit Subscription.

2. Enter in the new Payment Amount and click Next

If the fee is larger than it was previously, you'll receive a message that client approval is needed before the change can take effect. Please note that the subscription will continue billing at its current amount until the client approves the increase!

3. Enter an optional message in the notification email to the client. Then click  Save.

The client will always receive an email notifying them of the amount change, whether it is being increased or decreased. If it is being increased and approval is needed, the client's email will include a special link that directs them to approve or decline the fee increase. 

By default, your client will receive a reminder email in 7 days if they haven't approved/declined the increase.

Note: Fee Change Past Due Reminder emails are are sent at 5pm ET/3pm MT during Daylight Savings Time and at 4pm ET/2pm MT during Standard time.

In addition to the default email above, you can choose to toggle on the Fee Change Due Soon Reminder. If turned on, an email will be sent to your clients either 1 day3 days, or 7 days before the next bill due date to remind them to accept the fee increase. Default is 3 days.

📍 To manage, customize, or turn off these reminders, please see this article: Managing Emails Your Clients Receive

4. Making changes to a client subscription could result in the need to send a new financial planning agreement. To stay compliant, you can send another one directly (not attached to the subscription) when prompted by clicking Send Contract. Otherwise, click Done!

When viewing the subscription details, you can see the pending fee increase notice at the top of the page.

You also have the ability to recall the fee change by clicking the  Cancel amount increase link and confirming the cancelation!

Once the client approves the change, the Amount will update to the new fee and will automatically bill the client's existing payment method on the upcoming bill date. If the client declines the change, the subscription amount will remain as-is. 

Editing the Description of Services on Past Subscription Invoices

Depending on the regulations in your state, you may need to edit billed invoices to update in detail what services were performed during that service period. 

By heading over to  Subscriptions > View Subscription > Payments > Edit Payment Description, you can edit the description of services for a specific invoice after your clients have paid. Here's what that looks like from start to finish:


After making your changes, click  Next and Save.

Doing this will immediately change the payment description for that individual invoice (not future invoices that bill). If you need to update the standard description included on the subscription for future invoices, please see below!

Editing the Description of Services for Future Subscription Invoices

Under  Subscriptions > View Subscription > Edit Subscription you can edit the description of services on a client's subscription so that invoices generated in the future will have a new standard description:

You can type in a brand new description, add one (or more) from your saved descriptions, remove any description, and/or edit the wording on the existing description attached!

After making your changes, click Next and Save.

Doing this will immediately change the payment description for all future invoices, including  Upcoming invoices that may already be generated and waiting to bill. It will not alter the description for historical invoices.

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