[Advisors] Why can't I add a client?

Depending on the settings your Enterprise firm has established, you may not have permissions to add any client to your account. We recommend reaching out to your Home Office for more detail and options!

If you've tried to add a client and AdvicePay won't accept them, it's most likely because that email is already associated with a client on your own account. 

To make a second client entry for the same client, here are two potential solutions:

  • You can add your client using a different e-mail address
  • If this client is using a major email provider like Gmail, you can add his/her same email with a "+something" at the end of it. For instance, instead of "mariaruiz@gmail.com" you can write "mariaruiz+yourfirmname@gmail.com" or "mariaruiz+22@gmail.com."

    This email will still get sent to Maria's regular email account. The only difference is that her login will be different when signing in to access her account under your firm. 

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